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Established in 2001, The Spanish Acquisition is a specialist importer and wholesale distributor of Spanish and Portuguese wines, spirits and beer. TSA is owned and run by writer, educator and all-round wineguy, Scott Wasley. Observing a void, Scott set out to become Australia's first and resident expert in all things Spanish-and-wine. The birth of TSA coincided with the emergence of modern Spanish wine as a prominent feature of the international wine scene.

Sherry Videos

Scott Wasley from The Spanish Acquisition presents eight videos on all you need to know about Sherry. 

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Latest News


After another recent in-depth trawl through the DOs of Galicia, I’m delighted to release “the book” on Galicia.


We have been carefully building our pink collection over 15 years, adding and subtracting until achieving the balance of varieties and styles now represented. And now, it is a huge pleasure to introduce you formally, finally, to a great (nearly lost) class of pink wine: the historically important - different and utterly delicious - Clarete.

A LOVE LETTER TO RIOJA: a special article in Alquime Edition 6

I'm delighted to announce the publication of a significant journalistic piece on Rioja, written by me and out from now in the new Edition 6 of Alquimie Magazine..
To celebrate, here's a very special offer on our portfolio of Rioja's finest. From now through end January, buy as much as you like from our Rioja selection and receive 20% discount.

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